RO EDI process systems replace conventional Dl mixed bed resins unit to produce deionised water. In Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverages laboratories RO EDI (Reverse Osmosis Electrodeionization) is the most preferred water purification technology used.


    RO EDI process systems replace conventional Dl mixed bed resins unit to produce deionised water. In Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverages laboratories RO EDI (Reverse Osmosis Electrodeionization) is the most preferred water purification technology used. Electrodeionisation unit employs EDI technology to produce high purity water. In a RO EDI System, single or double pass RO is used as pre-treatment of feed water, after that the water is further sent for electrodeionization, which generates highly purified water of 12-15 MΩ required in sensitive applications of research lab, and it is also used in power plant and boiler water treatment. It is basically a combination of Reverse Osmosis and Electrodeionozation process.
    Hot water sanitization is a perfect solution to prevent micro-organism growth and biofilm development without utilizing unacceptable biocide chemical. Two pass RO system with intermediate EDI or RO EDI with final stage of UF are also an option.
    Both the versions of INDU IONPURE INDIA's High Purity Water System produce water of considerably better quality than current requirements of USP with conductivity less than 1 µs/cm, and TOC typically less than 500 ppb. Microbial contamination is less than 100cfu/ml.
    Standard capacities are available of 250 litre/hr. to 5000 litre/hr. with custom units available as per client’s requirement.
    • RO EDI PLANT Reduces environmental waste.
    • RO EDI PLANT Designe deliver reliable, low-cost ultrapure water solutions with up to 18 MOhm-cm resistivity.
    • RO EDI PLANT Reduce energy and operating expenses.
    • RO EDI PLANT Stable continuous performance with lower operating costs.
    • RO EDI PLANT Removing dissolved ions up to 5-17 M?-cm, TOC <20 ppb.
    • No involvement of harmful chemicals for regenerating resin in RO EDI PLANT.
    • Operating without chemicals, RO EDI PLANT systems are designed to achieve 95% water recovery.
    • Systems designed to effectively remove left over salts and ignitable aqueous species like silica, carbon dioxide, ammonia
    • Product Water output up to 20000 LPH.
    • Persuaded silica and boron removal.
    • Produce high purity water of 10 to 15 MΩ.
    • All VFD-driven pumps for precise control of all unit operations.
    • Panel mounted resistivity meter with digital indication.
    • Panel mounted pressure and flow metering for the system.
    • Reduced hazardous waste stream.
    • Overall recovery 100% of the system.
    • GMP/USP RO + EDI for medicine.
    • According to ISPE regulations.
    • Automation sanitization, backwash, rinse, and recycle functions.
    • Completely skid mounted including pretreatment.
    • Customizable for specific customer requirements.
    • Manual & automatic reverse osmosis system.
    • Sanitary and non- sanitary designs available.
    • Intermediate stainless steel feed break tank.
    •Rinsing of electronic components.
    • USP purified water.
    • Pharmaceutical preparations.
    • Highly purified water.
    • Central laboratory water.
    • Biological engineering.
    • Power Industry.
    •Food processing.
    • Humidification.
    • Cosmatics.
    • Glassware Rinsing.
    • Preparation of process Chemicals.
    • Chemicals for regeneration completely eliminated.
    • In combination with reverse osmosis pre-treatment, it removes more than 99.9% of ions from the Simple and continuous operation.
    • Low power consumption.
    • Cost effective operation and maintenance.
    • Non pollution, safety and reliablility
    • It requires very few automatic valves or complex control sequences that need supervision by an operator.
    • It produces high pure water in a constant flow.
    • It requires little space.
    • It provides complete removal of dissolved inorganic particles.

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