Packing conveyor belt is having stainless steel table top with moving never-ending sandwich belt in the center. Tabletop is fixed to the same arrangement made out of SS square pipe & supported on adaptable bolts. Tabletop is of 12 inches working space on both side of the packing conveyor belt for final visual inspection & packing into the box.


    • Castor Wheel with lock.
    • Extra end table at end of packing conveyor.
    • S.S. chain instead of PVC belt in packing conveyor.
    •Special type adjustable angle at Initial of packing conveyor for strip or blister packing.
    • Self - alignment bearing for easy maintenance of Packing conveyor belt.
    • Structure of packing conveyor belt is made of S.S. 304, 30 mm sq. pipe, 16 SWG with matt finish.
    • Packing conveyor belt Rigid Vibration free Construction for trouble free performance
    • Length can be made as per customer requirement of Packing conveyor belt.
    • S.S. elegantly matt finishing of Packing conveyor belt.
    • Belt - alignment system for long life & straight running of belt.
    • Adjustable height of conveyor belt, to align with other machine of the line
    • A/c frequency variable drive of Packing conveyor belt.
    • Packing conveyor belt direct gear drive.
    • S.S. elegantly matt finishing of Packing conveyor belt.
    Metering Pump Appliance Features
    • Metering pump provide Double diaphragm and Diaphragm rupture alarm detection system
    • Metering pump Suit for the high-viscosity, corrosive, flammable,  explosive, virulent, malodorous and dangerous medium
    • Metering pump have new type Three-valve structure,
    • The capacity flow can be changed from stroke length and frequency speed in Metering pump
    • Metering pump Measures accuracy is higher than mechanical diaphragm pump, and seal performance is nicer than piston pump
    • Use struck alteration device can be reach remote control in Metering pump
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