Liquid & Oral Manufacturing Plant

    High speed pharmaceutical stirrer

    • This lowers the destruction troubles and makes the cleaning very easy.
    • These high speed stirrers are available in hanging type as well as with stand  model.
    • High speed stirrer offered by us is manufactured using mild steel and stainless steel.
    • Its steel body make s it deterioration conflict.
    • These high speed stirrers are suitable for mixing, stirring and homogenizing of low thickness liquids and semi-liquid products.
    • a mixture of sizes 1 H.P, 2 H.P, 3 H.P, 5 H.P, 7.5 H.P, 10 H.P and 15 H.P are available in these stirrers
    The homogenizers are precious for making suspensions, emulsions and homogeneous solutions. They are very expensive in food and pharmacy industries for making syrups, juices, tomato ketchups, jells etc. They are also used for crushing and mixing of two or more products.
    • Maximum care has been taken to make certain safe operation of the unit.
    • Various types of blades attachments to suit the require operation.
    • With stand(adjustable height) or mounting type(on a tank).
    • All contact parts are made out of SS304/316 quality material.
    • Motor : 1/2HP, 1 HP, 2 HP, 3 HP, 5 HP.
    The bottles are loaded on rotating platform where bottle holders i.e. nylon cups are specially designed to accommodate bottle with varying neck diameter and bottle diameter. The bottle are placed in an inverted position in cups. The internal cleaning of the bottles is done by spraying showers. Solenoid valves are provided to enable the regulation of timings and sequence of various washing media to suit specific requirement
    Motor H.P. Mixing
    Capacity Litres
    Model No. Motor H.P. Mixing Capacity Litres Model No.
    5 2500-3500 V/ST-250 1 300-1000 V/ST-30
    3 1500-2500 V/ST-150 ½ 100-300 V/ST-10
    2 1000-1500 V/ST-100 ¼ 50-100 V/ST-05
    M/s Grups Automation, Being Exporter and Manufacturer of High Quality Stirrer/Homogenizer provide all type of supports and services in following cities and industrial
    Vishakhapatnam Ahmadabad ,Gujarat Coimbatore
    Kollam Vapi Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Hubli Surat Pune, New Delhi
    Coimbatore Vadodara  
    Delhi / New Delhi Chennai Gurgaon  
    Chhotanagpur Hyderabad  
    Kolkata Jaipur  
    Ahmedabad Jamshedpur  
    Bengaluru Kharghar  
    Bhopal Kolkata  
    Bhubaneswar Lucknow  
    Puducherry Kochi  
    Vadodara Nagpur  
    Visakhapatnam Navi Mumbai  
    Maharashtra Chandigarh  
    M/s Grups Automation, Exporter and Manufacturer of High Quality Stirrer/Homogenizer. We have successfully completed installations and can provide better after sales services in following countries / Cities.
    Kazakhstan Brazzavilla congo Doha
    Mogadishu, Conakry in guinea Dushanbe Tajikistan
    Khartoum-Omdurman, Dubai, Giza
    Alexandria Abu Dhabi; Harare Zimbabwe
    Casablanca, Oman Istanbul
    Accra, Kuwait Kuwait Kampala Uganda
    Nairobi, Bahrain Kigali
    Kano, Qatar Abuja Nigeria
    Algiers, Saudi Arabia Lilongwe Malawi
    Addis Ababa, Nigeria Libreville gabon
    Luanda, Almaty in Manila
    Dakar, Tashkent Pretoria Swaziland
    Tripoli, Jeddah, Rangoon Myanmar
    UAE, Mecca, Salalah in Myanmar
    Hargeisa Medina Saudi Arabia
    Douala, Dhaka Sanana
    Hargeisa, Seeb Muscat
    Brazil Salalah in Oman  
    Jakarta indonesia Astana,  
    Bishtek in kyrgyzstan Cape town in south Africa